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We are very proud to announce that

The Cougar Book, by Jolie du Pre, and
Scouts, by Nobilis Reed

were finalists in the prestigious 2011 EPIC’s eBook Awards competition - the longest running worldwide competition for eBooks
By Nobilis Reed

The exciting sequel to Scouts follows Challers and Valka as they become reality-TV “Worthies” aboard a Pirate city-ship. Meanwhile, their classmate Renedy wrestles with sexuality that does not fit Stakroya Station's rigid mold.
Too Much Boogie: Erotic Remixes of the Dirty Blues, Edited by Cole Riley

28 erotic stories inspired from the recorded gems of the Delta blues, Chicago blues, Memphis blues and Texas blues written by some of the best writers of erotica.
Price $13.99(USD)
Price £9.99(GBP)
Price $12.99(USD)
Price £9.99(GBP)
By Nobilis Reed

Love, Engineering, and Exhibitionism: Frank invented a fabric that can become any material. Marta developed software that turns it into any garment. He understands dominance and submission; she knows fashion and desire. When a bug is discovered just hours before the product ships, working together transforms their relationship and their invention.
Ex Fumo, Gaudiam: From Steam, Comes Joy
By Nobilis Reed

The first instalment in Roma Fervens: Boiling Rome, a new steampunk series that combines Ancient Rome, steam, and the fertile mind of Nobilis Reed, in a Roman Empire powered by steam, Procurator Marcus Amandus has fallen
in love with the wrong woman and must prove himself a lover and a fighter to protect their lives and his honor.
Ebook $2.99(USD)
Ebook $2.99(USD)
Ex Fumo Gaudiam 
+ Riskwear
Save 20%!
By Jolie du Pré

The Buscettos look human, but they’re not human. They’re Zxxtergins, a type of little-known monster who has roamed the Earth since the fifth century. The youngest Buscetto, beautiful eighteen-year-old Litria, is in search of gorgeous females for sex, followed by food. Her nightly behaviour wrecks havoc, causing her family to fear exposure and resulting in grave concern, extra work, and late nights for Layneworth detectives.